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Ridge Wallet Review – Minimalism, Form, & Function

Welcome to the first article of our Lifehack/Review series, where our Product Specialist, Nathan Reinhardt, will be joining me to review various solutions for organizing and simplifying our lives. We’ve blogged about ways to organize different physical and digital spaces, but today we’re going to cover something slightly different– everyday carry (better known as EDC). … Continue reading

[Workshop] How to Organize Your Kitchen Space

Do you use all (or at least most) of the food you purchase, BEFORE it expires? Do you get frustrated trying to look for ingredients while you’re cooking? Do you sometimes have all that you need… except that one ingredient? Are you tired of going to the store for food, only to come home and … Continue reading

Post-it Notes Focus Strategy

Post-it notes… they’re a tricky thing to have. While they’re certainly useful for productivity, I’ve also seen post-it notes spread out all over people’s workspaces (including mine at one point), to the point of overkill. In my last post, Cluttered Space = Cluttered Mind, I mentioned that when you’re trying to focus, everything around you … Continue reading

Vlog Episode #4: Conquering Digital Clutter

I finally got around to a vlog episode on digital clutter after experimenting with different focus strategies. In this short episode, I cover 3 simple, yet effective, strategies to declutter and organize your computer files. Unlike the other vlogs, this one has two main differences: Screenshare: You can see my computer screen as I visually … Continue reading