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Preparedness to the Extreme

When we think of preparedness, many different scenarios come to mind. You may imagine people who hold onto everything and anything, who say they “might need it someday.” The scouts, who prefer to buy in bulk– enough for weeks, or even months and years. While preparing is not something that should be placed on hold… … Continue reading

The Art of Repurposing and DIY

One of our absolute favorite parts of clutterbending is finding an item to repurpose. There are two main reasons why we love it: you save money (and time!) from buying the item elsewhere you’re reusing an item that’s not really being used One of our goals is to help you clutterbend the world, but help … Continue reading

What is Clutter Really Costing You?

Here’s a quick exercise to get you thinking about just how much clutter is really costing you: Applying Pareto’s principle to clutter, we use about 20% of what we own– the other 80% just sits there. For instance, look through your closet and pull out all of the clothes you either don’t wear, forgot about, … Continue reading

Garage Sales… to do, or not to do?

As you start to declutter your home, you may be thinking of hosting a garage sale, either by yourself, or with family/friends. I did this a few times, and it was a nice way to spend quality time with friends. However, I found myself lugging the same items to and from my friend’s house, and … Continue reading