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Maybe We're Born with It…

Do you think that we’re born with a certain set of inner gifts? Or do you believe that everyone starts with a clean slate and the capacity to learn any combination of skills? I used to have mixed feelings about talent. It seems hard to believe that certain advanced skills were solely developed from hours … Continue reading

Preparedness to the Extreme

When we think of preparedness, many different scenarios come to mind. You may imagine people who hold onto everything and anything, who say they “might need it someday.” The scouts, who prefer to buy in bulk– enough for weeks, or even months and years. While preparing is not something that should be placed on hold… … Continue reading

6 Myths about Organizers, Debunked

Myths can do a great many things. They can stop us from taking action and reaching out for help, and they can create confusion and misunderstandings if we’re not careful. I’ve come across a number of them related to organizing, so I’ve decided to start a Myth of the Month series… with at least one … Continue reading