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What I've Learned From Letting Go

I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones well this holiday season! If you’ve been following along with our Let It Go Challenge, then I’d like to congratulate you for showing up and being with us on the journey. The 21 days are over, but the real journey has only just begun! Personally, … Continue reading

Why It’s Better to Quit the War on Clutter

Do you feel like you’re in an unending battle with your clutter? Like no matter how hard you try, the things in your life seem to breed like bunnies, creating more things? Do you feel overwhelmed, depressed, ashamed, fed up, and/or [insert negative word here] when you think about your things and the space(s) they … Continue reading

How to Get Unstuck and Inspired Again

If you’re feeling stuck and want some inspiration on getting organized (or anything for that matter), I want you to know there’s hope. There are two major steps I recommend (and personally use) to get unstuck and out of that funk…

The Art of Doing Things Imperfectly

Is perfectionism keeping you from getting organized? Here’s a few signs: You think: ‘How am I ever going to make my place look like those in the magazines and on Pinterest? My place could never look like that.’ You know where you could start, but you constantly question yourself. ‘Is this the right way to … Continue reading

Setting Your Heart on Fire (in a Good Way)

Many of us are probably looking at the holiday season with a combination of excitement and worry. And for good reason too– the holiday season can be pretty stressful. Hosting parties at your home. Having loved ones spend the night (or several). Cooking holiday meals. Making sure you buy your loved ones that perfect gift. … Continue reading