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Why It’s Better to Quit the War on Clutter

Do you feel like you’re in an unending battle with your clutter? Like no matter how hard you try, the things in your life seem to breed like bunnies, creating more things? Do you feel overwhelmed, depressed, ashamed, fed up, and/or [insert negative word here] when you think about your things and the space(s) they … Continue reading

The Self-Storage Strategy for Defeating Clutter

(Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Jenny Young of Uncle Bob’s Storage.)Note from Lehua: I was initially hesitant to discuss self-storage here on the blog, due to my own experiences as a child and some statistics I had stumbled upon. However, when Jenny introduced her article to me, I was shown a fresh perspective … Continue reading

New Breeds of Hoarders, Part 3: Digital Hoarding

(Author’s Note: This post is part 3 of the series “New Breeds of Hoarders.” You can read part 1 and part 2 at the corresponding links.) Picture it: You’re on your computer, trying to find that email you need to respond to right away. Or how about those recipes you found online and bookmarked, that seem to have disappeared… … Continue reading