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300: The Most Motivational Movie Ever

(Note: There are spoilers in case you haven’t seen the movie 300 yet. See it FIRST, and then come back here. Also, this post is dedicated to Bruno over at The Rabbit Way for being awesome, and for his constant support and inspiration that keeps me from giving up.) A series of fortunate events happened … Continue reading

When You Feel Your Goals Are Just Beyond Reach

I’m a strong believer in Fate, that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it’s nice to believe that somehow, forces bigger than ourselves are at work, unfolding a grand plan that’s beyond our understanding. Other times, my impatience gets in the way, whether it’s wanting to be further ahead than I currently am, or wanting … Continue reading

Procrastination Can Be a Good Thing

What is your time really worth? Are you doing things that scare you shitless? Or are you like me– someone who procrastinates on some of her best ideas? I’ve struggled with this for awhile. When I get great ideas, it feels like I’m on top of the world, ready to take a leap of faith … Continue reading

How to Map Out a Kickass Plan for 2013

This year is soon coming to a close, and another chapter will open in 2013. With that said, have you created a kickass plan for next year? It’s okay if you didn’t– I’m going to show you how you can make your own. And best of all… it’s going to be powerful and simple. (Never … Continue reading