Life is too short (a tribute to Scott Dinsmore)


Earlier this week, I found out from one of my business mentors (Jonathan Mead) that Scott Dinsmore had passed away.

When I heard the news, I literally did a double take. Scott? You’re kidding. He’s so young!

Unfortunately, my eyes weren’t fooling me. As I read Jonathan’s tribute post to Scott, my heart sank as I discovered the cause – a freak accident on Mount Kilimanjaro.

I’m stunned and feel so empty. The world has truly lost a great man.

It feels like I only stumbled across Scott’s Live Your Legend site yesterday, rather than three and a half years ago. This encounter changed my entire life, kickstarting my entrepreneurial journey by introducing me to Jonathan (who ran Illuminated Mind and Trailblazer at that time). I had no idea that my organizing business would unfold and grow. But I had a spark of inspiration from reading Scott’s words and feeling his charisma through the screen. I wanted to leave a legacy behind, to use my skills and strengths to create a better future. I wanted to make a difference in this world.

I feel so proud and honored to have known Scott. We’ve never met in person, but I’ll never forget the day in December 2012 when I received an email about his TEDx talk. I was an utter newbie to the entrepreneur world at the time (only 6 weeks in), and Scott’s TEDx talk moved me so much that I emailed him. And you know what? He actually wrote back. Not a canned response, but an actual heartfelt message. On Christmas Eve of all days.

As of this writing, his TEDx talk video has over 2.7 million views on YouTube. While that excites me because the world needs to see more inspiration and hope, there’s also a hint of sadness in knowing that he won’t be doing more.

The amount of dedication and passion Scott put into his work is, without a doubt, exceptional. He will be missed dearly by the many lives he has touched, including mine. Scott’s passing is a delicate reminder that while our lives are fragile and fleeting, we can leave our own legacy behind by uncovering and pursuing work that we love. Our lives are too short to waste on work that doesn’t inspire us.

May you rest in peace, Scott. Your memory and legacy will carry on in our hearts and through the work we have been inspired to do through your example. Thank you for everything. You have done more for the world than you will ever know.


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